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FAQs - accounts & memberships

Why does my member number have to change?

With our new system, each individual will now have their own member number. Moving to a person-centric member model will provide each member with one unique member number and will eliminate the multiple member numbers that you may have had in our current banking system. With this shift, members will see one consolidated view of every account that they own (or have a legal role in) within the online & mobile banking platforms, as well as their statement.

Will I need to order new cheques?

No, you can continue to use your existing cheques. The next time you order cheques, they will be updated to include your new account number.

Do I need to update my pre-authorized payments and direct deposit?

No, all of your pre-authorized payments and direct deposits will process through your account.

Will my nicknamed accounts carry over?

Yes, any account which you have nicknamed will show within the new banking system. You will also have the ability to nickname each account within online banking, giving you more control of your finances.

I noticed my cheque clearing date is different with the new banking system.

Any cheques you write will be debited from your account on the effective date that the receiving party has deposited or cashed the cheque at a financial institution. Members will no longer experience a one-day delay. When issuing cheques, please ensure funds are available when the cheque is written.