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Do you use our e-transfer service to transfer funds? Well, then this section applies to you!

1. E-transfer recipient information

The first time you sent someone an e-transfer, you would have entered their information into your e-transfer recipients list. Once the conversion takes place, all of this information will be lost.

In some cases, you may not need to keep this information (one-time purchases, etc.); however, others' information may be beneficial for you to keep.

We recommend that you take a screenshot and/or print the screen which contains this information. Once the conversion is complete, you will need to add the information manually once again.

2. Pending e-transfers

If you have any pending e-transfers, you must accept them prior to 5pm on September 13th.

If you have any outstanding e-transfers that you have sent out, please contact the recipient to accept these prior to September 13th at 5pm.  If the outgoing e-transfer is not accepted before this time, it will not be visible in your online banking history post conversion. We recommend you contact the recipient to confirm receipt. 

3. Transaction history

Once the conversion is complete, all of your e-transfer transaction history will be lost.

If you would like to keep this information, we recommend that you take a screenshot and/or print the screen which contains this information.

4. Auto-deposit

If you utilize auto-deposit within e-transfer, you will need to delete your auto-deposit setup prior to conversion. If you do not do this, any e-transfer auto-deposits made after conversion weekend will fail.

If you have any questions about upcoming e-transfer changes, you can email us by clicking the yellow button below, by coming into a branch and speaking to us in person, or by calling the Contact Centre at 1-844-826-6500.