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FAQs - online banking

Today, our members sign in to online banking using a preselected user ID or alias which was set up in the branch upon enrollment. If there is more than one owner on the membership, members may share the user ID, or a unique user ID may have been issued to each member within the membership. Additionally, if a member has multiple memberships, they may have been issued a unique user ID for each of their memberships.

Going forward, each of our members will have their own single, unique login for online banking; they will no longer be shared, nor will they need different logins to access different accounts. This is an important change to ensure we provide a secure and private site for all our members to view and transact with their accounts.

**The first time you log in to online banking post-conversion, you will need to do it from the full site, not the mobile site or the app. **

What is my new login ID for online banking?

If you are registered for online banking and have a debit card: The 19-digit number on the face of your card will become your new login ID for online and mobile banking. You will continue to use your card at ATMs and for point-of-sale without issue.

If you have multiple debit cards: For online and mobile banking, you will use the lowest debit card number as your new login ID. You can continue to use your cards after the upgrade with no issue, for ATM and POS transactions. 

If you are registered for online banking but don’t have a debit card: You will receive a separate communication in September providing you with a new system-generated 16-digit number which will become your new login ID. You will need to use this, along with your Personal Access Code (PAC, or password), to log into online or mobile banking.

What is my Personal Access Code (PAC) to login to online banking?

To obtain your temporary password/PAC, refer to the letter your household will receive at the end of August - or call the Contact Centre at 1-844-826-6500 for assistance.

Requirements for creating a strong password:

- No fewer than 8 and no more than 30 characters that include an upper-case letter, a lower-case letter, and a number

- We recommend your password include a special character. These are the acceptable special characters you can use: @ # $ – ! |

- Keep your password confidential at all times

After you have set your new password, you will be asked to set up three (3) new security questions. This is another level of security and protection to keep your financial information safe.

Once these steps have been completed, you can use your new password to log in going forward.

I’m logged into online banking and some of my accounts I was able to transact with are no longer viewable.

Your account may have been enabled with a linked account feature in our old banking system. This linked account feature allowed members to view and/or transact with other accounts with the same owners (business or personal) within the online banking system. As each situation is unique, we want to connect with you to determine your needs.

Please call our Contact Centre at 1-844-826-6550, email us here, or visit your local branch.

I’ve logged into online banking but am unable to make a Member-to-Member transfer. Why?

If you are unable to process a member to member transfer that was set up prior to the conversion, please call our Contact Centre at 1-844-826-6550, or visit your local branch