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FAQs - statements

Will there be changes to my statements?

Yes, statements will be created based on account ownership to ensure your information is kept private. For more information on how membership numbers will be affected, click here.

Will the look of my statements change?

Yes, statements will have a slightly different look and layout to them.

Are my statement cycles staying the same?

Yes, the statement cycles are staying the same. The only affected statement will be your September statement which will be divided into two statements. The first will include September 1-13. The second statement will include September 14-30

Can I still access my statement history?

Yes, members will have access to their historical statements online post-conversion.

Why is there a deposit for $0.01 into my TFSA and then a withdrawal for the same amount?

In order for the TFSA to report correctly to CRA, all TFSA accounts required a transaction once they were converted. 

Why did my Noventis Rewards rebate go into my chequing account?

Going forward, the Noventis Rewards rebate will be deposited to the account that incurred the service charges. Previously, the funds were deposited to a 'cash back' account on your membership.  

Under payment and frequency, why does my mortgage show $0.00 and monthly?

If your payment fell outside of this statement date range (Sept 14-30), it will show a $0.00 payment. This will be updated upon your next payment. 

Why did I receive an additional statement this month that only has my capital share on it?

This statement was generated in addition to your regular monthly statement. Going forward this will not be produced. 

The balance and accrued value on my investments appear to be the same on my September statement. Shouldn't the accrued value be higher?

Yes, the balance and accrued value are showing the same value on this statement. This will be corrected in the October statement.

The address on the top of my statement (under the Noventis logo) says: "Celero Support, Gimli MB R0C 1B0" - Why?

This is an error and will be corrected on the October statements. This will only appear on the statements for Gimli branch members.